Bored by ordinary kitchen designs?

We transform outdated spaces into one-of-a-kind kitchens throughout Northern Virginia.

Kitchens as unique as you

Are you tired of unimaginative kitchen remodelers?

You don't have to be stuck with the easy or cliché.

You know: L-shaped kitchen redesigns or cheap cabinet swap-outs.

We never design two kitchens the same way. In fact, we adapt rooms & dimensions in ways you never thought possible.

Even in older homes, we can design layouts that open up rooms and create inviting space for you & your family.

We build beautiful & incredible kitchens that have never existed before or since.

Each one of our designs is unique—from the pencil sketches, to the choice of materials (including natural stone & metal) and all the way to the high-quality construction.

Together, we're truly designing—not just throwing together random objects and colors. Our attention to detail is one of the many ways we separate ourselves from other remodelers.

You work hard everyday. Don't you deserve to come home to an amazing kitchen?

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Do you want a kitchen that will put a smile on your face everytime you come home?

Besides reconfiguring existing spaces, here's what we think makes us special: We genuinely care.

We care about the quality of our work, and we care about you. Your happiness is our goal with every project.

In fact, that's why we're so selective with our clients and projects.

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

—Winston Churchill

Before we engage in a object, we also want to build a good working relationship and make sure you understand exactly what your finished kitchen or bath might be.

We've spent 35 years perfecting processes and empathy that help us listen to you, the homeowner, and pull out ideas you knew you wanted, but couldn't quite express on your own.

Plus, our team is small and hand-selected, so we work quickly and passionately to build your new kitchen and bath. We're willing to work and make changes until you're 100% satisfied with your home.

“In our designs, we use every single inch in the best possible way, so your kitchen is not only functional but also very beautiful.”

Case Study: Harmonious Living

Our clients wanted more light, additional work surfaces, and ample storage for grains, tea, coffee, books, wine and their impressive collection of pottery.

The new design also created a more convenient connection to the dining room and den to eliminate the ongoing issue with traffic jams in the hallway.

Our job was to create architectural cohesion and a well-integrated kitchen space. We solved several structural challenges by adding cherry ledges, full height countertop brackets and a double-sided ledge that intersects the vertical opening between the kitchen and dining room.

Other features: The driftwood stain on rift cut white oak floor and honed Pietra grey stone countertops serve as a cool balance to warmer brick and wall colors. And the seven openings into the kitchen designated this space as the center and heart of the home, as well as eliminated those pesky traffic jams mentioned above.

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Remodeling is an investment

Besides just being happier with your home, new kitchens can increase your home's value significantly.

Many of our clients were able to to earn a significant return on their investments.

For example: One of our clients was able not only to recoup her investment, but also able to realize 37% ($225k) more for her townhouse than the going price in her neighborhood (and other than her new kitchen, she lived in a very standard home).

Even more impressive is the fact that that kitchen remodel was completed 21 years ago. That's how well great design & high quality materials stand the test of time as an investment!

I first hired Savena, probably about 25+ years ago, to design two small apartments in the basement of our historic townhouse, space that included two kitchens and two and one-half bathrooms. More recently, about eight years ago, we again hired her to design and execute a complete re-do of our third floor (making it into a beautiful master suite) and a redesign of our now much-admired second-floor guest bathroom.

Savena has an artist's eye, works with an engineer's precision, and combines those talents with exquisite taste. Her creations are unique—no cookie-cutter solutions from Savena—and highly sophisticated. Her designs are timeless; they don't look stale or dated in a decade or two. Long after Savena’s job was completed, we would continue to appreciate the little touches she had made along the way, little touches that make the difference between a good job and a great job.

Savena is not only an extraordinary designer, she's an extraordinary person and delight to know.


—Client, Since 2005

“When it comes time to sell, your home will stand head & shoulders above your neighbors.”

Meet the Design Studio International Team

Savena Doychinov brings a very creative and personal approach to every project.

We came across Savena after years of searching for a professional designer with the imagination to transform our awkward and outdated master bathroom into a private retreat. We were so impressed with her creative design and attention to detail, we hired her on the spot.

When I saw the bathroom completed for the first time, I actually gasped at the extraordinary beauty of the space and its perfectly balanced design that fits our personalities and how we live in it. It was as if Savena had created my dream bathroom from inside my mind that was unknown even to me.

Savena Doychinov
  • Principal Designer
  • Educated at Corcoran School of Art & Design
  • Certified Kitchen Designer
  • Member of National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA)
  • Experience: Over 30 years
Dimiter Doychinov
  • Master Carpenter and cabinet maker, superior stone craftsman
  • Experience: Over 30 years
  • Expertise: Superior results that exceed expectations

The relationship Savena and her husband (and partner) Dimiter create with their clients is a true collaboration that results in a most perfect space—unique and tailor made. For us, the result is a timeless, elegant design that is practical for everyday use.

Space being at a premium, in her design Savena exploited every square inch to create a highly functional and very beautiful master bath for us. Savena and Dimiter’s demand for perfection and the exceptional pride they take in their work is evident in the smallest details. They are both always mindful of budgets and quick to point out ways to achieve intended effects more efficiently with long-term value in mind.

This design team brings to bear natural talent, expertise, trustworthiness and master craftsmanship that cannot be replicated. The results are extraordinary and timeless.

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