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Best Before & After Kitchen
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This kitchen was small, stuck in the 1950s, and cut off from the rest of the house.
Transformed into an airy modern beauty, doubled in size, and opened up to adjacent rooms. Perfect for an active family of 5 and company.
This dated bathroom had a cramped, dark shower and very little storage.
No more wasted space with an easy to move around curved vanity and added storage. Maximum lighting effect with a bright mirror and see-through shower door.
This kitchen suffered from dated appliances, a lack of direct access to the dining room, and limited light from its small window.
2 French doors and a triple window bring in abundant daylight. Freedom of movement between kitchen and dining room makes dinner parties a pleasure.
This kitchen's peninsula lacked seating and impeded free movement between spaces.
This large island is easy to move around, seats 4, and allows the family to enjoy cooking, eating, and spending time together.
The large closet on this kitchen's back wall, a former laundry, served as a catchall but provided very inefficient storage.
The former closet space now houses the refrigerator, pullout pantry, oven, and cabinet. With state-of-the-art appliances, custom cabinets, unique accents, and a very functional layout, this kitchen is now a true heart of the home.
Just another bland, windowless, poorly lit bathroom without adequate storage.
This fun, lively bathroom suits the young boys for whom it was designed. It boasts maximized vanity storage (including 2 hampers,) a custom glass mosaic blend, playful pendants, and a vibrant column inspired by the painting.
This typical 1980s builder's kitchen used the space poorly, isolating the cook from the rest of the family and offering nowhere to gather for a meal.
Completely open to the rest of the house with a very functional layout, this new kitchen allows the family to be together easily. Wall niches add architectural interest and provide for display of the client's collection.
Notable among this bath's many flaws: the toilet was the first thing you saw when you opened the door.
A much better first impression: a highly detailed, architecturally interesting, yet cozy tub alcove flanked by twin vanities.
The undesirable view of this master bath from the bedroom was just one of its many problems.
Double doors separate the bath from the bedroom, allowing greater privacy and quiet as well as a dramatic first impression.
The second vanity in this bath was an unattractive space next to the toilet.
The new double vanity wall maximizes storage and countertop space and greets the couple with colors that remind them of a favorite vacation. 4 skylights bring in the sky and treetops.
This closet used space poorly and was not easily accessible.
The new closet is beautifully lit, mirrored, and luxuriously appointed, with storage capacity practically doubled and space for folding and hanging clothes.
This late 1970s kitchen in a French-flavored house on a lovely property high above the Potomac was large, but not well-planned.
The new French country kitchen pays homage to the home's architecture while featuring all modern conveniences in a layout that optimizes usage of the generous space.
This unattractive kitchen island offered no seating.
The new, curved island seats 4, is easy to move around, and provides an attractive cover for the main sink area on the lower level. All carefully selected components and finishes combine to create a highly functional kitchen with a lovely, cozy ambience.
An extraordinarily common drab 5X7 bathroom.
The new custom bath features an artful use of color, elegant niche storage, increased countertop space, and vastly improved lighting.
This kitchen was small, stuck in the 1950s, and cut off from the rest of the house.Before 1
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